Dear union member,

New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s COVID-19 resource and news page is just a click away. The always-current resources on the page include fast links to state benefit sign-ups and information, to health resources, even to some home-schooling tools while your children are out of school.

The New Jersey worker-focused site also includes frequent updates – daily, even hourly – on actions the state and federal governments are doing to try to keep you safe and keep you whole financially.

We offer these tools knowing that, together, we will get through this crisis. Please log on and check it out.

Any member that has purchased insurance through AIL, click on the link below.  If the first paragraph of the form fits your criteria related to separation of employment due to COVID-19; proceed as instructed on the “Lay-Off Waiver of Premium Claim Form”.  If you are unable to download the form, please contact the office ASAP as this is a time sensitive form.

American Income Life – Lay-Off Waiver of Premium Claim Form

Teamster Privilege Job Loss Grant Can Help If You’re Laid Off

Benefit Description

$300 payment to Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholders who have been laid off and meet the requirements.  

  1. You must be a Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholder in good standing.
  2. The job loss must have occurred at least three (3) months after you became a Teamster Privilege credit card cardholder.
  3. You must complete the required application and provide documentation that you or a joint-owner or authorized user of your  Teamster Privilege Credit Card account and have been continuously unemployed due to an involuntary job loss or layoff (other than a strike or lockout) for at least 90 consecutive days within the 12-month period prior to the date you submit an application.
  4. You may only receive one Job Loss Grant for any one Teamster Privilege Credit Card account. If you have multiple Teamster Privilege Credit Card accounts, you can only receive one Job Loss Grant for any unique job loss event.  

Click the following link for more information and application to apply.