UPS: RATIFIED – Expiration 07/31/23

PODS OF NEW JERSEY, LLC:  Expiration 12/31/19

Liberty ~ Coca Cola:   Expiration 04/15/24

Tropicana Hotel & Casino: Reopener June 2019

Kramer Beverage: Expiration 11/30/2019 EXTENSION

Atlantic County Blue/white Collar: Expiration12/31/2019

Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections: Expiration 12/31/2019

Atlantic County Board of Elections: Expiration 12/31/2019

Brigantine City: Expiration 12/31/2019

Cape May County – MUA: Expiration 12/31/2019

Gloucester County Division of Social Services: Expiration 12/31/2019

City of Atlantic City: NEGOTIATING


The formal bargaining process generally begins when the Union presents its proposals at the negotiating table, at a time and place agreed to by both sides. The process the Union goes through to figure out what proposals to present usually includes looking at:

  • What the workforce’s experience has shown is “broken” in the old contract, and what therefore needs to get “fixed” in the new one.
  • How to balance the needs and expectations of various groups of employees represented by the Union, which will sometimes be quite different or even in conflict.
  • What the Union itself needs so it can function as an effective advocate for its members.
  • The reality of what’s happening in other workplaces, or in society generally. (i.e. inflation)