Thomas Brady, was founder of Teamsters Local 331.  At the age of 10 he worked in a coal yard to help support his family.  Later he got a job driving a team of horses and finally a truck.  He would load the truck himself in Philadelphia, drive it to Atlantic City where he would unload it by hand himself.  He then reversed the process with goods bound for Philadelphia.  He sometimes did this multiple times each day to keep the family together.

In 1932 he was working at Harry’s Express in Atlantic City with his friend Frank Abrimont.  The truck drivers there begun to talk about forming a Union.  They were all for it, but no one wanted to be the leader because of fear from people hired by the company to break up unionizing efforts.

Finally they formed the Union in 1932 and in 1933 Thomas Brady became the 1st President with Frank Abrimont as 1st Secretary~Treasurer.

Thomas Brady, 1st President of Local 331 at the Humphrey Building at 15 So. North Carolina Ave. in Atlantic City, NJ


Frank Abrimont, Secretary – Treasurer and Thomas Brady, President.


“We  are

not  makers of history,   we  are made of history”

“Photography can only represent the present.  Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past”.

In 2017 Teamsters Local 331 celebrated our 85th Anniversary!

Marcus King and Ernest Smith look over plans for the future Union Hall in Egg Harbor City. (2010)

      Members of the renovation crew.

Brothers and Sisters gather in celebration of the new Union Hall October 20, 2010.

Building dedication: Tom Babecki, Jim Hoffa, Marcus King and Ernest Smith

Officer’s cut the cake at the Dedication Ceremony: Taylor, Porter, Shinn, Ray, Phillips, Willett and King.

Future home of Local 331 under construction.

Marcus King celebrates with Jim Hoffa at the building dedication.

The new home of Teamsters Local 331

1993: Tom Moore, Jimmy Purvis and Preston Milborne at 5 East Washington Ave. Pleasantville office

2009 – 2012 Executive Board looks to the future June 05, 2009 at IBT in Washington DC

Marcus King, President and Lisa Costanzo, Office Administrator greet Jim Hoffa at the dedicaiton.

Crew from Arthur Henry, Inc. at Price’s Pit 2012

Jerry Gibbons: 1975 driving for S & S Beverage

Teamsters Local 331 – Trade Show picket on Pacific Ave. in front of Convention Hall. (2 yr. strike)

Business Agent, Tom Willett at ratification of the Atlantic County June 09, 2007.

Hermann Forwarding Trucking 1975 Cologne, NJ

Warren Distributors South

Susan Tayor ~ Gone, but never forgotten 21 year dedicated member and Union Officer

 CDL Training shenanigan’s ~ see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil

Multi Culture Day

Egg Harbor’s City-wide Cleanup Day

2008 Organizing campaign for First Student in Cologe; Brad Yeakel and Marcus King

Career Day at FAA Tech Center: Lisa Willett, Joe Yeoman, Connie Kollock and Terry Scardino

UPS Strike

Battle by the Bay: Williams, Connie Kollack and Joe Yeoman

UPS Strike

Old ad from our history

Organizing Casinos: Mike Tenuto (Chelsea) and Connie Kollock

Old historical ad with Kramer Beverage

Old historical voting flier

Workers Rally for Taj Mahal workers in June 2015: Barb Borisch (Atl. Co.) and Dan Showell (Linwood)

Shop Steward Training 1995 – Holiday Inn @ Chelsea

Ray Williams and Joe Yeoman

Barrett Asphalt Proposal Meeting February 2018

Wally Osborn of Cape May County MUA on the job!

Local’s Picnic 2001 at Buena Vista Campground