We welcome the newest Brothers and Sisters into our Local.  We are looking forward to working with you.  You are the Union, in order to be strong you need to belong!

Matthew Torres ~ Atlantic County
Ryan Higbee ~ Atlantic County
Dale Portnoy ~ Atlantic County
Desmond Walker ~ Canada Dry
Milford Gould ~ Integrity Service Contractors
Michael Friant ~ Kast Distributors
John Wilson ~ Canada Dry
Yves Lobbe ~ Canada Dry
Evan Sandt ~ UPS
James Wiggins ~ UPS
Jean Sands ~ Tropicana
Desiree Nelson ~ UPS
Angelito Cervera ~ Tropicana
Ralph Loltrella ~ City of Brigantine
M. D. Islam ~ City of Brigantine
Morgan Norris ~ JCAU
Nelson Laureano ~ Pleasantville Board of Education
Mario Molina ~ Pleasantville Board of Education
Maurice Edwards ~ Community Haven
Joyce Thurlow ~ Hamilton Township
Jessica Pinkney ~ Hamilton Township
Jason Kepner ~ Hamilton Township
Albert Lawson ~ Kast Distributors
Daniel Russell ~ Kast Distributors
Karen Adams ~ Atlantic County
Carlos Whitted ~ UPSJustin Warner ~ UPS
Christopher Cunningham ~ Dean Transportation
Gloria Achamizo ~ Tropicana
Sweta Pandya ~ Tropicana
Erica Rossman ~ Atlantic County
Jessica McCourt ~ Atl. County
Lisa Myers ~ Tropicana
Shane Stevenson ~ Gloucester County
Michael Bennett ~ Cape May County MUA
William Widen ~ Kast Dirstributors
Michael Simpson ~ Kast Distributors
Johnie Gilliam ~ Safety Bus Company
Brian Costello ~ Atlantic County
Dominic Moody ~ Liberty – Coca Cola
Allison Rutlege ~ Hamilton Township
David Manning ~ Doughty Properties
Dean Gunter ~ Global Spectrum
Gerardo Martinez ~ Global Spectrum
William Betancourt ~ Cape May County MUA
George Witherspoon ~ Community Haven
Christopher Jones ~ Canada Dry